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PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund (TLF) Scheme announces Year-2016 awardees

We take pleasure to announce the awardees of TLF 2016 as listed below: (in alphabetical order)

AlikeAudience -
AlikeAudience is a mobile data management platform which provides quality audience segments for marketers and agencies to reach their target audience in Asia across different channels. It builds segments based on location, demographic data and purchase intent. Its vision is to map online-to-offline profiles to bring a seamless online advertising experience to reality.

Hatchee -
Hatchee is an online wedding services platform that connects wedding service providers with potential wedding couples. It allows users to browse 360-degree demonstration videos for banquet venues, and enables wedding couples to communicate with merchants by instant messenger and order wedding products via the e-commerce platform.

Hocfu -
Hocfu is an intermediary platform for renovation services that aims to resolve asymmetric and unfair situations in home renovation. By offering a renovation service through pre-screened contractors, it provides better matching and communication channels, while empowering and supporting contractors in need. Hocfu not only improves renovation efficiency and user experience, but also the home renovation industry by providing more transparent price information and case sharing.

JOBDOH is a smart-hiring platform that connects employers with potential candidates instantly. It enhances the efficiency of searching and matching candidates to 95 times of the market average. While JOBDOH’s proprietary algorithm enables clients to receive the most suitable candidate profiles, candidates also benefit by earning extra income quickly as well as enjoying improved upward mobility through the transparent record keeping system. – the Uber in the Area of Business WiFi -
NextWiFi offers business WiFi solutions to SMEs and free internet access to smartphone users by providing more WiFi hotspots at low cost. Through NextWiFi’s business WiFi routers, merchants may engage customers proactively by sending pop-up messages, local information, entertainment (video, audio, games) and social networking services. By analysing traffic and customer preferences in stores or nearby, merchants may better strategise marketing campaigns to boost their sales and businesses.

Spincle -
Spincle is a camera app that captures 360-degree video by spinning a smartphone. It enables users to capture 360-degree content with stereoscopic 3D for Virtual Reality. Spincle’s content is highly shareable across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and instant messengers. Holumino Limited also joined the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 Startup Battlefield.

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