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PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund (TLF) Scheme announces Year-2017 awardees

We take pleasure to announce the awardees of TLF 2017 as listed below: (in alphabetical order)

36 Link -
Logflows (previously called 36Link) is a cloud-based, all-in-one platform to digitize the traditional B2B trucking industry. This logistics workflow management platform offers a full range of logistics business tools, including order taking, A.I. dispatcher, reporting dashboard, auto-billing & reconciliation, e-tender and more. The platform will significantly improve efficiency of the logistics company staff, drivers and even management.

Hocfu is an intermediary platform for renovation services that aims to resolve information asymmetry problem in home renovation. By contractor pre-screening and attribute auto-matching , it gives property owners well-informed choices and peace of mind, while empowering contractors to find their best-fit customers. Hocfu not only improves renovation efficiency and user experience, but also disrupts the home renovation industry by transparent pricing and case sharing.Add paragraph text here.

Innoplay -
Innoplay developed PANO360, a supplemental tool for smartphones, Gopro, DSLRs, selfie sticks and webcams to capture stable panoramic images and time lapse videos. Equipped with wireless access, application algorithms, Bluetooth technology, real time stitching and compression technology, the PANO360 offers promising results for high quality photos and videos.

Kubot Technology
With a series of warehouse robots, Kubot aims to increase the operational efficiency of warehouses by five times. The first autonomous mobile robots will help workers in warehouses work more but walk less.

Pokeguide -
Pokeguide is a mobile app that provides MTR platforms and exits information for walking route planning. In this app, the user can find the shortest path from the platform to the escalator and exit, allowing them to board the train, transit to another line and enter the station more efficiently. The app also recommends leisure activities, appealing cuisine and shopping discounts along MTR lines. Pokeguide is the winner of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016 (Best Smart Hong Kong Award – Gold Award) and RetroSpot Pitch Night. It was also named as one of Hong Kong’s 20 Hottest Startups 2016 by Hong Kong Business and one of 11 Tech Startups in Hong Kong You Need to Know About in 2016 by Techflier.

Vision Science & Technology
Vision Science and Technology aims to commercialise a myopia control defocusing lens developed by School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The tailor-made defocusing contact lens is one of the most effective myopia control products with minimal side effects. Clinical trials suggested that it can reduce myopia progression up to 60%, particularly beneficial for school children aged 6-18 who are in fast myopic progression period by reducing their risks of developing high myopia.

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